Ends on January 31, 2019


  • The work must be literature of the fantastic, which includes fabulist, fantasy, magic realist, science fiction, speculative, supernatural horror, and surrealist works.
  • The work must be a short story and be any length less than 7,500 words.
  • The author must be Canadian—that is, a Canadian Citizen (native or naturalized; resident in Canada or residing outside Canada) or Landed Immigrant in Canada.
  • Translations into English are considered on an equal footing with works written originally in English. Only the first translation of a work is eligible.
  • The work must be substantially text-based and have been published in book or in e-book form with either an ISBN or ISSN. Short stories may also have been published in an online magazine. *Material posted on personal websites is not eligible.
  • No work can be submitted twice. Short stories have only one year of eligibility.


Submit your story in either MS Word document or pdf format only. 

When you name the submissions, please ensure the file name includes (in order) Your surname/  Story Title/ Publication Name.  An example of this  would be: Smith_TheMagicPumpkin_AwesomeStories34.  

Do NOT give us numbered file names, or file names that simply say Sunburst Award 2018 Entry. 

The Story length will also be required.  

All works must have been originally published in 2018.

*Please include only one story per upload file.

*Do not submit a complete magazine or anthology.

*Non paying markets qualify.

*There is no administrative fee for short form submissions.

Deadline for submissions is Midnight Eastern Standard Time on January 31, 2019.